Northern California Initiative

Northern California Athletics (Track & Field / Cross Country) is in need of some excitement. Kinetic Movement has conducted a review of data, through, and found that for the past 5 years California athletics has seen a shift in leading performances towards its southern area. Comparing the data it seems there is an estimated 10% difference overall in Athletics performances between north and south. Why is there a discrepancy between the two sections of the state?

The Northern California Initiative is a grassroots movement to improve Northern California sports through education and infrastructure. Coaching education is crucial to developing athletes. Economic infrastructure helps the sport thrive. We need to find innovative solutions to help us improve our local sports. This initiative will consist of three phases:

  1. Updating Coaching Education

  2. Hosting Competitive Events

  3. Boosting Club Infrastructure

Raising coaches awareness to new information will help innovate and improve athlete training. Establishing local competitive events will increase local participation. Clubs need to implement revenue based infrastructures that provide long-term development programs for all ages. Success depends on the network of clubs and coaches willing to implement this incentive. Coaches I urge you to participate in this initiative in your locations. If we continue to share ideas, organize events, and incentivize we will make are sports stronger. Together we can help Northern California athletics become great again

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